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My Movies

Bi The Way (2022)

Bi The Way is a short, funny, and intimate animated film about Amir’s life-journey as a bisexual cis man.

The film lays out Amir’s story from early childhood until today, his struggle to fit in a binary culture,

and why he feels invisible in the LGBTQIA community.

The film also dives deeper into historical-social discussion with Dr. Maya Lavie-Ajayi and PhD candidate Zeinab Nobowati. 

Frameline 2022 - 
World Premiere

OutReel Cincinnati 2022 - 
Best Comedy (winner)

Seoul Indie-AniFest 2022 - 
Official Selection

TLVFest 2022 - 
Official Selection

Slovak Queer Film Festival 2022 - 
Official Selection

Out On Film, Atlanta 2022 - 
Official Selection

Indianapolis LGBT 2022 - 
Official Selection

The Short Nights of Berlin 2022 - 
Official Selection

Beijing Queer Film Festival 2022 - 
Official Selection

Courts Mais Trash 2023 - 
Official Selection

Cinehomo 2023 - 
Official Selection

L'Hybride 2023 - 
Official Selection

Poster 30x50 - RGB 8bit small for web.jpg

QueerX 2022 - 
Best Comedy (winner)

OutFest 2022 - 
Official Selection

Interfilm 2022 - 
Official Selection

BIFF 2022 - 
Official Selection

QUEER Weiterstadt 2022 - 
Official Selection

QFilms 2022 - 
Official Selection

Madrid LGBTI+ 2022 - 
Official Selection

PornFilmFestival Berlin 2022 - 
Official Selection

ImageOut Rochester 2022 - 
Official Selection

Filmhuis Cavia in Amsterdam 2023 - 
Official Selection

Brussels Short Film Festival 2023 - 
Official Selection

Athens ANIMFEST 2023 - 
Official Selection

Jewish Fetish (2021)

​"Jewish Fetish" is a short funny animation about the border between racism and fetishism of middle eastern Jewish people in Germany.

The film was made during AnimaDoc Workshop in Cinema Transtopia (bi'bak) Berlin 2021.

Animated by:
Amir O. Steklov & Inhar Sabagh

Guided by:
Akile Nazli Kaya
Tomáš Doruška

poster small.jpg

Gutterbliss Temporary Testival 2021- 
Official Selection

Hacker Porn Film Festival 2021 - 
Official Selection

Berlin Flash Film Festival 2021 - 
Official Selection

Balkan Can Kino 2022 - 
Official Selection

The Short Nights of Berlin 2022 - 
Official Selection

The New Jews
(in development)

"The New Jews" is a full length documentary film about post-Zionist jewishness, antisemitism and fetishism.

The film portrays characters from Israeli-Jewish origin who moved to Berlin. Their struggle to be heard and accepted by society, and the Barriers to make contact with the local German population.

the new jews for portfolio.jpg

Don't be a DICK! (2020)

"Don't be a DICK!" is a short animation that investigates the representation of male body image across history and modern porn culture with humour and shocking facts.
The movie tries to answer these questions:

~ why men are so obsessed about the size of their penis?
~ how the porn industry uses this obsession to make money?
~ how different dick sizes represented through key moments in western history?
~ what's the origin of racist discourse surrounding dick size in our modern porn culture?

SPLICE Film Fest 2021 -
Best Animation (winner)

Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival 2021
Official Selection

Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival 2021 - Official Selection

Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards 2021 - Official Selection

Porn Film Festival Vienna 2021 - Official Selection

DIAMETRALE Filmfestival 2021 - Official Selection

QUEER Filmfest Weiterstadt 2021 - Official Selection

poster 01 small for web.jpg

TLVFest 2020 -
Official Selection

The Short Nights of Berlin 2021 - Official Selection

KASHISH Mumbai 2021 -
Official Selection

Ljubljana LGBT Film Festival 2020 - Official Selection

Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2020 -
Official Selection

San Francisco PornFilmFestival 2021 -
Official Selection

Hacker Porn Film Festival 2021 - Official Selection

MIX Brazil 2021 -
Official Selection

Charging Up (2020)

"Charging Up" is a short vertical movie written and directed by Amir Ovadia Steklov.

The movie tells the story of coming out of depression during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The movie talks about creativity in those difficult times and the importance of friendship and human interaction at times of social distancing. 


The Short Nights of Berlin 2021 - Official Selection

VMF 2020 -
Official Selection

poster with laurels small for web.jpg

Linea d'Ombra Festival 2020 - VedoVerticale competition

VerticalMovie 2020 -
Official Selection

Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards 2021 - Official Selection

Between Two Walls (2019)

Official Trailer.

for online screener of the full movie please send an email request HERE

"Between Two Walls" Is a short documentary that explores the complexities of being a political Jewish immigrant in Berlin Germany nowadays.

Through interviews, phone calls, and chatting on dating websites, the movie portraits unique characters with a strong political agendas and harsh point of view upon their personal life and community.

- Are the German people ready to accept the Jewish people again in Berlin?

Berlin independent film festival 2020 - Best Animated Short Film (Winner)

The Short Nights of Berlin 2020 - Official Selection

TLVFest 2020 -
Official Selection

Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2019 -
Official Selection

Liberation DocFest Bangladesh 2020 - Official Selection

First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2020 - Official Selection

BLOW-UP · Chicago 2020 -
Official Selection

Liftoff Global Network Sessions 2019 - Official Selection

Astronaut Kid
(in post production)

"Astronaut Kid" is a short film about a young boy in a small village in Israel (Kibbutz) and his

struggle to be a part of the the violent children society there. He escapes to his dream world every time he is being victimized. what will happen when he will find himself as the offender?

The film is half classic animation half live action footage. 

- The film is currently in post production.


Hmudi (2015)

"Hamudi" is a music video and a short film about a young boy in Jerusalem who tries to sell lighters in the famous "Mahane Yehuda Market". He does that to fuel his father's gambling addiction but fails over and over again. 

At the end he will revenge his father and teach him an important lesson.

The music video was made for the song "Hamudi" by the band "Simulakra". 

Cheap Thrills! 2016 - 
Official Selection

In The Next Lifetime (2014)

"In The Next Lifetime" is a music video for the singer Refael Azran. 

Staring: Lucy Dubinchik & Refael Azran.

The music video is a dream scene about a broken heart of a man who plays a piano. The piano is falling apart and flies to the heavens in pieces, as a metaphor for the broken heart. 

TESLA (2013)

"TESLA" is a video artwork for 3 screens.

It is a love story for electricity, magnetism and electrodynamics. 

The video work was made in my studio in Jerusalem in 2013 with the guidance of the artist Nira Pereg.

Empty House Gallery (Jerusalem) -
‘Hakaron’ exhibition 2013

Kilo Coke (2013)

"Kilo Coke" is a music video for the singer Rafael Azran.

The music video tells the story of a young "outsider" woman in a Tel-Aviv nightclub.

Her ex boyfriend is hanging on her necklace and sings the song.

I did this music video at the time I studied films in "Sam Spiegel - Film School"

Cliptation 2011 -
Best Music Video (Nominated)

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