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My professional work

BMW - User Experience

During 2021-2023 I edited more than 50 short videos for the automobile company BMW collaborating with Gemic - Business management consultant.

Those videos are under a non-disclosure agreement contract.


Captain Faggotron Saves the Universe

The full-length, queer, super-hero film was shot in Berlin and I was in charge of VFX in post-production. I did 2D & 3D animation, compositing and rotoscoping. 

Premiere: IFFR 2023


Directed by Harvey Rabbit

Meta - The Future of Gaming

During 2022 I made an animation short about the future of Gaming for the social media company Meta collaborating with Gemic - Business management consultant.

This video is under a non-disclosure agreement contract.


JONZO 03 - Alok Says Brunch

I am proud to present a new online work I did for Jonzo.

I edited this eyes opening interview with American queer icon Alok.

Produced by Jad Salfiti

Hungarian Tango

"Hungarian Tango" is an erotic film about feminism and empowering female body in chauvinist Hungary.

My job: VFX supervision, post production producer, video editing, 2D+3D animation, compositing, DCP delivery. 

HPFF 2023 - 
Best International Short (winner)

Brussels Porn Film Festival 2023 - 
Best International Short (winner)

Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2022 -
Best Short (Nomminated)

Hungarian Tango.jpg

Directed by Pina Brutal

Official Selection

Muestra de Cine Erótico y PosPorno de Bogotá 2023 - 
Official Selection

AORTA films - BEDDED program 2023 - 
Official Selection

Porny Days - Film Kunst Festival 2022 - 
Official Selection


Wyd? is an upcoming online queer comedy series. I was doing the video editing for the pilot episode.

The series narrates the individual stories of 6 friends as they fumble with intimacy, romance, love, sexuality and identity in Berlin through their online dates

Directed by Max Kutschenreuter

QuSCo - Quantum Sensing

QuSCo is a multidisciplinary group of quantum physics labs across Europe, focusing on Quantum Sensing Technologies.

In those short videos, we explain the goals and achievements of the QuSCo Network.

Amir edited and animated those video. Based on scientific research he modeled and animated a 3D visualization of quantum systems.

Produced & Directed by Aviv Kosloff

Chatbot Summit - Berlin

Chatbot Summit had a series of expos & conferences in Berlin during 2017, 2018 & 2019.

I was in charge of documenting it in still & video photography.

Visit their website to see my work.


JONZO 02 -
Jordan Firstman vs. Gay Men

I am proud to present a new online work I did for Jonzo.

I edited this fun and interesting interview with American comedian and Instagram persona Jordan Firstman

Produced by Jad Salfiti

ABA Metapelet - אבא מטפלת

Aba Metapelet (Hebrew: אבא מטפלת) 

Is a popular TV comedy series for kids and young adults.

It airs on TeenNick channel and it also broadcasts on "YES" and "HOT" networks in Israel.

It was the most popular TV show for kids and young adults in 2020 in Israel.

I edited its 2nd and 3rs seasons from my studio in Berlin (off-line editing on Avid).


I’m Not Just A Shadow!

"I’m Not Just A Shadow!" Is a video made as part of an ongoing campaign to destigmatize sex-workers in Berlin.

The video was commissioned by Hydra e.V. and performed by Abi.

I filmed and edited the video.

Lerne Deutsch in meine Küche

The short film "Lerne Deutsch in meine Küche" directed by Popo Fan and edited by me. It was broadcast on German television channel RBB as part of the program "4 Wänbe Berlin"

The film is talking about cooking during the time of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

It's both funny and educational with a strong social message at the end.

Directed by Popo Fan

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine - Summit in Berlin.

My roles: Video editing, animation and compositing. 

This video is under a non-disclosure agreement contract.


The Secret Love Life of the Urban Leopard

“The Secret Love Life of the Urban Leopard” is a wildlife mockumentary which follows an underground community throughout their everyday life in Berlin. Their uniform is leopard print and they totally rock it. They are the urban leopards, endangered and fabulous. The movie is narrated like a real wildlife film and will introduce the lifestyle, sexual and eating habits, and camouflage skills of it’s leopard printed heroes.

I was editing the film and also did animation, VFX and compositing.

Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2019 -

Best Short Film (Nominated)

Hacker Porn Film Festival 2020 -

Official Selection

Thinking Hat Fiction challenge 2020 -

Official Selection

Directed by Pina Brutal

Best Destination
* click: watch on Facebook

"Best Destination" is an ongoing international project about travel destination around the world.

I edited and did VFX for all the videos.

Many of our videos went viral and received an awesome amount of views, comments and shares on social media.

Our social media page is one of the fastest growing travel pages on Facebook.

Owner of Best Destination: Nadav M. New

link to "Best Destination" page:

That was Berlin (Time Lapse series)

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic I took a Timelapse of Berlin every month. I wanted to show the change in our urban landscape and the change of seasons.


Eternity is an erotic horror short. Based on the  dream of all strippers: killing a client with a high heel shoe. After spending a few months as a stripper in a bar in Berlin, experiencing the highs and lows of the job, director Pina Brutal invited her dancer colleagues to create art . Thus Eternity was born. 

I edited and did VFX for this film.

Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2018 - Best Short Film (Nominated)

Final Girls Berlin Festival 2019 - Best Short Film (Nominated)


Directed by Pina Brutal

Amir in Berlin YouTube channel

"Amir in Berlin" is a hobby project of mine.

I run a YouTube channel about my home town Berlin and upload fun and easy going videos about it.

link to the channel:

The Loneliness of the Bike Messenger Girl

The Loneliness Of The Bike Messenger Girl is a tutorial video on how to maintain a bicycle in the most professional way possible. 

Shot in Berlin in 2017 with the most wonderful bike messengerz. 

I edited this film.

Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2017 -

Best Short Film (Nominated)

Vienna Pornfilmfestival 2019 -

Best Short Film (Selected)


Directed by Pina Brutal

Channel 10 News

Channel 10 news was the biggest TV news company in Israel.

(News 13 today)

I was a senior video editor in the Jerusalem news desk for 2 years (2013-2015)

during my last year working at News 10, I was promoted to be the lead video editor of the main evening broadcast, editing the first news item that opens the main broadcast and receives the highst rating count.

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