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A summary of important landmarks and press coverages

European Film Academy Membership

As of 9th of May 2024 I'm officially a member of the European Film academy.

Press Release

List of new members 2024

E Certificate AMIR STEKLOV.png

Berlinale Talents 2024

I'm very happy to be selected to Berlinale Talents 2024.

Press Release

Personal Profile

Bi The Way

Special Jury Mention

Documentary Short

KASHISH Mumbai gave my animated short Bi The Way a Special Jury Mention with those words:
For a film that tickles us with its disarmingly self-deprecating humour and gently holding the mirror to show that even those who swear by the seven colours are sometimes stuck in binaries of black and white; for its visualisation, stop motion animation, script, voice, music and direction that only an auteur can lend with such fluidity, the Documentary Jury would like to make a special jury mention to the German/Israeli animated short Bi The Way _ Animation - 2022 , directed by Amir Ovadia Steklov .


KASHISH Mumbai 2023 - 
Best Documentary short (Special Jury Mention)

Laurel mejor corto DDHH 2023-en-b.png
Laurel mejor corto DDHH jurado joven 2023-en-b.png

Bi The Way

2 x Best Short Film

CINHOMO awarded my animated short Bi The Way as Best Short film 2023 2 times:

1. Official Jury Award.

2. Youth Jury Award.

Thank you so much for that great honor!

CinHomo 2023 - 
Best Short film (Official Jury)

CinHomo 2023 - 
Best Short Film (Young Jury)

Bi The Way

Best Comedy Award

OutReels Film Festival awarded my animated short Bi The Way as Best Comedy 2022.

Thank you so much for that great honor!

OutReel Cincinnati 2022 - 
Best Comedy (winner)

Best Comedy - Golden.jpg

Bi The Way

Best Comedy Award

QueerX awarded my animated short Bi The Way as Best Comedy 2022.

Thank you so much for that great honor!

QueerX 2022 - 
Best Comedy (winner)

OutReels Film Festival - CityBeat

The local online magazine of Cincinnati - CityBeat, covered the OutReels Film Festival and highlighted my animated short Bi The Way.

Read the full article here.

CityBeat 4k.jpg

The Hollywood Times:



During Outfest film festival 2022 in Hollywood I had the pleasure to meet Valerie Milano, the editor of The Hollywood Times. She was kindly summaries our conversation to an article in he magazine with an additional interview with me about my animated short Bi The Way.

Premiere tour in California

I was touring 2 of the largest queer film festivals in the world: Frameline & OUTFEST.

During summer 2022, my film Bi The Way premiered at Frameline (San Francisco) and hopped to OUTFEST (West Hollywood LA).

I traveled to those festivals and had unforgettable times and networking.

20211218_143623 edited with hearts.jpg

Bi The Way - 

Funded by QueerScope


I would like to thank QueerScope-Kurzfilmfounds for funding my upcoming animation film:

Bi The Way

This grant will make this film happen and I really couldn't do it without it.

Judging at Shore Scripts

I was selected to be part of a very selective and exclusive panel of judges at Shore Scripts 2021, 2022, 2023.

With me, on the panel, listed some of the most famous names in the film industry in the U.S.A and Europe.

To say this is a great honor is an understatement!

Full list of judges HERE

shore scripts.png

NASA shared my picture!


The Official NASA Instagram page:



Astronomy Picture of the Day

Has shared my picture of the Cosmic Caterpillar in Cygnus with a big tag in the post.

This is one of the greatest honors every astrophotographer is dreaming to receive.

Award from:

SPLICE FilmFest - Brooklyn


Don't Be a DICK!

Received the Best Animated Film award.

SPLICE Film Fest 2021 -
Best Animation (winner)


Award from:

Berlin Independent Film Festival 2020


Between Two Walls

Received the Best Animated Film award.

Berlin independent film festival 2020 -
Best Animated Film (Winner)

New Renaissance Film Festival 2020

"Young Star" (screenplay)

Received a honorable mention in Amsterdam's New Renaissance Film Festival on the 1st of march 2020

Honorable mantion small.jpg
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