Bi The Way is a short, funny, and intimate animated film about

Amir’s life-journey as a bisexual cis man.


The film lays out Amir’s story from early childhood until today, his struggle to fit in a binary culture, and why he feels invisible in the LGBTQIA community.


The film also dives deeper into historical-social discussion with no other than the best-seller author Professor Yuval Noah Harari, who gives a refreshing perspective on the importance of fluid sexuality in early human civilizations.

Read more about the director-animator Amir Ovadia Steklov

 Biography         Filmography


Bi The Way is funded by

QueerScope short film fund

Time tables

Production: 12.2021 - 01.2022

Deadline: 01.02.2022

Premiere: (yet unknow)

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Behind the scenes at the animation studio


Director's Statement


  My motivation to making this film is very personal; As a queer-bisexual cis man, I had a very unique life-journey with my sexual-identity and I researched this topic my entire life. Thus, I believe I have a lot to say about it.
  Being bi-sexual is very queer: I never feel 100% belong the gay community and also not 100% belong to the heteronormative world. I also feel these communities never really accept me for who I real am. I would like this film to be an international voice of people like me, who straggle to find their place in our binary world.

The film is animated for a few reasons
• I am an award winning and experience animator – I have all the tools and skills to make it.
• My animatic/cinematic language is both funny and intellectual, thus it’s ideal for communication about complicated topics like fluid sexuality and non-binary lifestyle with international audience.
• Production wise, it’s cheaper and requires less pre-production and planning: I plan to shoot the film in my own animation studio in Berlin ‘The Glass Prince’.