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Bi The Way is a short, funny, and intimate animated film about Amir’s life-journey as a bisexual cis man.
The film tells Amir’s story from early childhood until present day, highlighting his struggle to fit into binary culture making him unacceptable to the heteronormative community and invisible in the LGBTQIA community.

Dr. Maya Lavie-Ajayi and PhD candidate Zeinab Nobowati join in on the films historical-social discussion, providing background knowledge in queer and feminist theories to the subject matter of the film. They also shed light upon the hidden mechanisms of the modern western binary culture and why non-binary people struggle to fit in.

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Read more about the director-animator Amir Ovadia Steklov

 Biography         Filmography


Bi The Way is funded by

QueerScope short film fund

World premiere: Frameline46

20.06.2022 - San Francisco


Best Comedy - QueerX 2022 (Los Angeles)

Best Comedy Short - OutReel Cincinnati 2022

Best Documentary Short, Official Jury - CinHomo 2023

Best Documentary Short, Young Jury - CinHomo 2023

Best Documentary Short, Special Jury Mention - KASHISH Mumbai 2023

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Behind the scenes at the animation studio


Director's Statement


My motivation to making this film is very personal; As a queer-bisexual cis man, I had a very unique life-journey with my sexual-identity and I researched this topic my entire life. Thus, I believe I have a lot to say about it.
  Being bi-sexual is very queer: I never feel 100% belong to the gay community and also not 100% belong to the heteronormative world. I also feel these communities never really accept me for who I real am. I would like this film to be an international voice of people like me, who straggle to find their place in our binary world.

The film is animated for a few reasons
• I am an award winning and experience animator – I have all the tools and skills to make it.
• My animatic/cinematic language is both funny and intellectual, thus it’s ideal for communicate complicated topics like fluid sexuality and non-binary lifestyle with international audience.
• Production wise, it’s cheaper and requires less pre-production and planning: The film was produced and animated in my own animation studio in Berlin ‘The Glass Prince’.

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