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  • Amir Steklov

Voyage - (2013)

Director: Scud.

Voyage is a daring film that explores a complex subject matter – suicide. Based on several short stories, the movie is an international production that covers multiple countries, including east and south-east Asia, Europe, and Australia. The film is a unique experience that takes viewers on an emotional journey filled with twists and turns.

One of the standout features of the film is the way Scud uses full-frontal nudity. While this is a risky element to include in any movie, Scud has managed to use it effectively without it seeming gimmicky. The director exposes his characters' naked bodies when they are most vulnerable, disturbed, or even transitioning to the afterlife. This use of nudity adds a level of complexity to the characters and is a rare and refreshing take on nudity in cinema.

I wish more filmmakers would use nudity in the same way as this film, and not merely as a means to grab the audience's attention without any added value.

The first story in the film, "Messengers to the Heaven," is a standout, with excellent storytelling, acting, and cinematography that stands out above the rest of the movie in terms of quality. The other stories are also engaging, though they can be confusing at times.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is the acting. In most parts of the movie, the acting isn’t good, with some actors struggling with the English language. Scud's decision to have the characters speak English may have been an attempt to make the film more international, but it backfires in some parts, as it holds back talented actors from performing at their best. Despite this issue, the film is still worth watching, as the screenwriting, cinematography, and editing more than make up for the shortcomings in acting.

Overall, Voyage is a challenging film that tackles a difficult subject matter in a unique and interesting way. Scud's use of nudity is bold, and the film's cinematography and editing are top-notch. While the acting may not always be the strongest, this movie is still a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a thought-provoking and engaging cinematic experience.

Verdict: 4 / 5 ★ - great.

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