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  • Amir Steklov

Titane - (2021)

Director: Julia Ducournau.

I liked some of it, but the majority of the film really pissed me off. I liked the homages to Crash (1996), Eraserhead (1977), Under the Skin (2013), The Imposter (2012). Vincent Lindon's and Agathe Rousselle's performances are excellent, but the characters they play are not interesting. The story of the film is not very captivating and it takes itself very seriously - to the point of self-un-awareness... The cinematography was not made for the big screen i.e. too many close-ups and not enough long shots. This style might work for Netflix but on the big screen it physically hurts. The film has too many set-pieces and usually with awful music choices that are not related to the world nor to the characters. Also, too much slow motion (Netflix's aesthetics again?) The last scene is a clear homage to David Lynch (look for the table lamp next to the bed with flickering lights) but this homage is being completely ruined with Mozart's Requiem mashed-up with Haendel's Sarabande. {Like, what the actual fuck they thought they were doing in the editing room} But at the end of the day, the biggest flaw of the film is the lack of clear motives for the protagonist - I don't understand why she embark on that journey and why is she so violent. I wanted to see more of the car fetish and other edgy things, but the film abended it after a while.

Verdict: 2.5 / 5 ★ - Avrage.

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