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  • Amir Steklov

Thirst - (2009)

Director: Park Chan-wook.

I really wanted to like this movie...

I was impressed by the production design, mise-en-scène and camera movements (that are surprising and well made)

But I didn't care a tiny bit for the characters, and their story/arcs were boring and predictable.

Moreover, this film is taking itself way too seriously! To the verges of self-unawareness and pomposity.

Again, a classic case of "Oh, look, a Korean 'art' vampire movie, let's give it a nominations at Palme d'Or"

I don't say it doesn't have a place in the world, I just say Palme d'Or should not be that place.

Verdict: 2.5 / 5 ★ - A mixed bag.

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