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  • Amir Steklov

The Menu - (2022)

Director: Mark Mylod.

A brilliant take on the slasher-horror genre!

I love how many smart moments and sentence it has about food, life & death without taking itself too seriously.

I remembered a quote I really like by David Prior: "Genre's ultimate mean value is the way you can talk about fundamental deep important human stuff without being pretentious."

I also like the criticism the film raises about "Foodies" - the kind that glorifies chefs and restaurants for their fame and high-capital but at the same time they are completely blind of the actual intrinsic quality of the food and their own incompetence in the kitchen - I personally know a few people like that, and I agree with the film's criticism.

I also agree with the criticism about the abusive and militant culture of the modernist kitchen - it also comes at an interesting time, when the legendary restaurant NOMA had to close because of its abusive nature towards young cooks and interns.

One down side of rely heavily on a specific genre, is that it makes some moments of the film very predictable.

It doesn't ruin the film though, it just holds it from being elevated to what I would consider a masterpiece.

It's a very good film regardless!

Verdict: 4 / 5 ★ - Very good.

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