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  • Amir Steklov

Pietà - (2012)

Director: Kim Ki-duk.

I'm still shaking after watching Pietà.

This is not an emotional rollercoaster, this is an emotional 747 nosedive into the ocean at Mach 5!

The story and filmmaking are simple but the depth of character and arcs are extreme. I will not say more about the narrative, you should really experience it yourself.

But, I do want to share an idea: Ki-duk has a unique take on human cruelty (also in his other films)

Watching Pietà got me thinking about the desire for cruelty: In his films I feel like cruelty is an integral part of human nature, like hunger and sexual desire. Ki-duk shows the desire and passion towards cruelty without filters when he can (when it's against animals) and with some cinematic "lies" when he can't (when it's against humans).

Characters have more desire for cruelty when there is something missing from their life e.g. love, family, honor, money. And when they receive what they deeply needed, their desire for cruelty is diminishing.

Last time, when I wrote about Ki-duk's The Isle I said I do not agree with some observations of his upon human nature. But with his take upon human cruelty I agree. And that's probably why I'm still shaking.

Verdict: 5 / 5 ★ - Nerve-racking.

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