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  • Amir Steklov

Orlando - (1992)

Director: Sally Potter.

I don't like using the term "a perfect film", it's used too much these days and smells to me like propaganda. But Orlando is very close to be a "perfect film" there is nothing about it I didn't like.

The image design is awesome, from costumes, makeup, sets, locations, lights and photography - breathtaking!

The story is really interesting too and the abstract breaking of it in the 3rd act is in good taste.

A thought: Tilda Swinton scared me a lot; in every film I watch her in the lead role she steals the show: It's not a movie anymore, it's Tilda Swinton. Though I do like her acting and persona. She is just too big, and there is no room for anything else besides her.

(I'm exaggerating of course)

Go and watch if you haven't already!

Verdict: 5 / 5 ★ - Amazing.

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