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  • Amir Steklov

Moebius - (2013)

Director: Kim Ki-duk.

Moebius is a modern Greek tragedy about manhood - more specifically: The penis.

And I think it's the best piece of art I've seen thus far about this topic.

I talk a lot with friends and colleagues in Berlin about the power of the penis in our culture, how it's like a powerful demon that creates & destroys; desirable & repulsive. In this film, Ki-duk explores the deepest of human connections with the penis and what it represents:

How society will treat a young man who've lost his penis by his mother's hand?

Will they help or punish him? How far his father will go to help him regain his honor and manhood? And what choices this boy has about his body?

Also, in this film, Ki-duk argues the whole body is a sex organ and there are alternative ways to experience a male orgasm: by damaging one's body.

I see it as a statement about the penis: it's not necessary an organ for triggering the orgasm but it can channel the orgasm through a less hurtful paths. Thus, the penis has a very important role: it gives men a path to ejaculate their toxicity without killing anybody, or without hurting their own body.

The question that stands is whether men will choose to use their penises in this peaceful, soothing way, or would they rather decide to use it as a weapon.

Also, it's important to note that Ki-duk also leaves a lot of responsibility for women regarding the penis. Women have the power to detach the penis from men and they can channel the power of the penis with their powerful magic of sexuality on erections.

Go watch! It's painfully amazing.

Verdict: 5 / 5 ★ - Amazing.

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