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  • Amir Steklov

M3GAN - (2023)

Director: Gerard Johnstone.

M3GAN, is a film that presents an ambitious blend of comedy and horror elements. The story follows a child, played by Violet McGraw, who loses her parents and finds solace in the AI of a prototype doll, designed by her aunt, played by Allison Williams. The performances of the child actress and the ant, as well as the doll itself, are all noteworthy and help to bring the film to life.

The tragic core of the story, which is the child's loss of her parents and her aunt's failure to be a suitable mother figure, is the heart of the film. However, the story could have been developed more deeply towards exploring the darker aspects of their relationship. This would have added more tragic depth to the film and made it a more powerful experience.

The film's happy ending, though satisfying, falls short in delivering meaningful character arcs. It feels like the filmmakers played it safe and opted for a happy ending instead of exploring the full potential of the tragic story.

The film is also let down by some lazy performances from side characters, whose campy performances only serve to detract from the overall film. While the film's side characters could have been better developed, the overall film is a fun and engaging watch. M3GAN is a film that has its moments, and it will appeal to those who enjoy a mix of genres. It presents the relationship between humans and AI with both clichés and unique moments. Despite its flaws, the film is definitely worth a watch as it has some missed opportunities but it's not bad overall.

Verdict: 3 / 5 ★ - Not bad.

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