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  • Amir Steklov

Dunkirk - (2017)

Director: Christopher Nolan.

I avoided this film, because I don't like wars and movies about wars. But it cames recommend in many lists for it's sound design and mix and I wanted to enjoy my new 5.1 surround sound setup.

As I watched Dunkirk, I found myself with mixed feelings about the movie. On the one hand, the sound design and atmosphere were both excellent and effectively conveyed the chaos and danger of the evacuation of Dunkirk. I also appreciated the film's minimalist approach to dialogue, which added to the sense of tension and urgency.

However, I also had some reservations about the movie's storytelling approach. While the division of the plot into three separate timelines was excepted from Christopher Nolan and surprisingly it was very easy to follow. It didn't feel like a gimmick this time and it was effective in many ways.

Overall, I found Dunkirk to be a unique war movie that effectively captured the spirit of the events it portrayed, I was surprised to not hate it (like most war movies).

Verdict: 4 / 5 ★ - not bad.

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