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  • Amir Steklov

Dragon Ball Super: Broly - (2018)

Director: Tatsuya Nagamine.

I haven't had so much fun in a while!

The animation is hybrid but 80% of it is classic and keeps the look of the traditional cel animation. The hybrid frame rates and 3D were not so distracting like in other films. They really did an amazing job here!!

The Dragon Ball universe is rich with lore, and even though I haven't watched it since high school, the film explained a lot (in a very good way).

I particularly liked the villain Frieza, he is so naughty and cruel, so fun!

Also, it's well known that one of Dragon Ball's biggest flaws is power-creep: as the heroes gain more power, the writers have to come up with new challenges for them, that leads to an endless cycle of power buildup (for the heroes and the villains).

I think that's the reason why I lost interest in it when I was younger...

But this instalment of DB deals with power-creep in a very good way: the origin story of Broly and why he is so powerful makes a lot pf sense and it is well connected to the lore. Also, the way the heroes overcome this new power is by merging together into a new character Goku + Vegeta = Vegito.

This is so gay!

And it got me thinking about how much homo erotic the whole series is.

For my teen self, watching Dragon Ball was liberating because I felt like the series address my own testosterone rushes. When the heroes scream in great power and physically transform, it's like boys having first controllable erections and reaching climaxes.

The competition between the heroes about who is stronger is also full of penis envy.

So when the 2 main male heroes merge in this movie, it's not only solves the narrative structure problem of the whole series, it also gives resolution for non-hetero boys who deals with their testosterone rushes like their hetero friends, but feel they are different.

If you have any kind of affection for the series, you must watch it!

Verdict: 5 / 5 ★ - Fun, beautiful and brilliant.

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