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  • Amir Steklov

Cosmopolis - (2012)

Director: David Cronenberg.

This is a film many like to hate, even Cronenberg's fans.

But I actually really like it. It's one of my favorite Cronenberg films.

What I like so much about it is the simple story: Twenty-eight-year-old billionaire rides slowly across Manhattan amid traffic jams, to his preferred barber.

I like how the story evolve to an epic journey that will change the life of the protagonist. How much drama and world building Cronenberg orchestrate inside a limousine.

I also love the atmosphere and acting - top notch Cronenberg vibes (like in Crash for example)

2 quotes stand out for me:

"Talent is more erotic when it's wasted."

"The logical extension of business is murder."

Verdict: 4.5 / 5 ★ - Amazing.

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