Since I remember myself I always wanted to capture dreams.

Hi there שלום,

I am Amir Ovadia Steklov, an Israeli Filmmaker & Photographer based Berlin, Germany. I run "The Glass Prince" studio.

I graduated from "Sam Spiegel Film & Television School" in 2013, and worked since then on many cinematic projects and primetime television.

I specialized in motion picture and animation but see myself more as a visual artist.

I am excited to hear about your projects and to collaborate with you.

Feel free to explore my portfolio, 

If you have questions or business inquiries please contact me here:

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Latest news

Two films in one festival

I am extremely excited to announce TLVFest selected 2 of my films!

Between Two Walls - Is taking part in the Official Israeli competition for the best short.

Don't Be a DICK! - Is taking part in the International Queer Shorts program.

Movie premiere at:

PFFB 2020

"Don't be a DICK!" Will screen at PFFB 2020 for 7 times at the end of October.

The film is taking part in 2 short film programs

- Theory Porn Shorts

- Male Images / Male Bodies Porn Shorts

Exhibition at "Bricks & Mortar"

I am showing selected picture in a caffe in Berlin called "Bricks & Mortar"

Exhibition dates: 01.09.2020 - 14.09.2020

On the 10th of September we will have a small event there. Feel free to join.

Movie premiere at:

PFFB 2020

"Don't be a DICK!" was selected to premiere this year in my favorite film festival in Berlin - Pornfilmfestival Berlin.

I am very happy and excited to show my movie on the big screen!

new still pictures series:

Comet Neowise (C/2020 F3)

Comet Neowise C/2020 F3 came to the northern hemisphere night sky on July 2020.

I couldn't miss this opportunity and spent many nights outside looking at it and taking pictures.

This is my first attempt with astrophotography.


new studio name and logo:

The Glass Prince

"The Glass Prince" is the new name of my studio in Berlin that specializes in motion picture and animation.

new movie:

Don't be a DICK!

Short animation that investigates the representation of male body image across history and modern porn culture with humour and shocking facts.

new movie:

Charging Up

"Charging Up" is a short vertical movie written and directed by Amir Ovadia Steklov.

The movie tells the story of coming out of depression during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The movie talks about creativity in those difficult times and the importance of friendship and human interaction at times of social distancing. 

Lerne Deutsch in meine Küche

The short film "Lerne Deutsch in meine Küche" directed by Popo Fan and edited by Amir O. Steklov was broadcast on German television channel RBB as part of the program "4 Wänbe Berlin"

frame from timelaps.jpg

Between Two Walls - Best Animated Short!

Between Two Walls (2019)

Directed by Amir Ovadia Steklov

and co Directed by Ines Moldavsky

Won the best animated short award 

at the Berlin Independent Film Festival 2020

We are very happy and thankful for BIFF for this amazing recognition and looking forward for the next screenings of Between Two Walls.

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