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Hi there שלום,

I am Amir Ovadia Steklov, an Israeli, Filmmaker - Based in Berlin.

I run The Glass Prince Studio.

Read more about me here.

Feel free to explore my portfolio, 

If you have questions or business inquiries please contact me here.

I am excited to hear about your projects and to collaborate with you.

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Latest news

Bi The Way

I'm proud to release a new animated film!

World premiere: Frameline46 & Outfest40

Film's webpage:

Bi The Way is a short, funny, and intimate animated film about

Amir’s life-journey as a bisexual cis man.

The film lays out Amir’s story from early childhood until today, his struggle to fit in a binary culture, and why he feels invisible in the LGBTQIA community.

The film also dives deeper into historical-social discussion with Dr. Maya Lavie-Ajayi and PhD candidate Zeinab Nobowati. Both provide background knowledge in queer and feminist theories to the subject matter of the film. They also shed light upon the hidden mechanisms of the modern western binary culture and why non-binary people struggle to fit in.

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Bi The Way - 

Funded by QueerScope

I would like to thank QueerScope-Kurzfilmfounds for funding my upcoming animation film:

Bi The Way

This grant will make this film happen and I really couldn't do it without it.

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Streaming on Here TV

My award wining animation film "Don't Be a DICK!" is now available to watch online on


Jonzo - Jordan Firstman vs. Gay Men 

I am proud to present a new online work I did for Jonzo.

I edited this fun and interesting interview with American comedian and Instagram persona Jordan Firstman

Judging at Shore Scripts 2021

I'm so honored to take part as a judge in Shore Scripts Short Film Fund 2021. The short scripts I read are amazing and it is very hard to choose between them.

Also, the jury this year is full of amazing people from the film industry! - Being extremely honored in an understatement.

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QuSCo - Quantum Sensing

QuSCo is a multidisciplinary group of quantum physics labs across Europe, focusing on Quantum Sensing Technologies.

In those short videos, we explain the goals and achievements of the QuSCo Network.

I edited and animated those video. Based on scientific research he modeled and animated a 3D visualization of quantum systems.

New Film

I’m Not Just A Shadow!

"I’m Not Just A Shadow!" Is a video made as part of an ongoing campaign to destigmatize sex-workers in Berlin.

The video was commissioned by Hydra e.V. and performed by Abi.

Amir Ovadia Steklov filmed and edited the video.

Best Animation - Award

SPLICE Film Fest

I am so so so excited to announce Don't Be a DICK! has won the Best Animation award at SPLICE film festival in NYC.

I would like to thank the awesome team at SPLICE film fest for this recognition. 

A very important step in my career as a film maker.

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