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Hi there שלום,

I am Amir Ovadia Steklov, an Israeli, Filmmaker - Based in Berlin.

I run The Glass Prince Studio.

Read more about me here.

Feel free to explore my portfolio, 

If you have questions or business inquiries please contact me here.

I am excited to hear about your projects and to collaborate with you.

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Latest news

QuSCo - Quantum Sensing

QuSCo is a multidisciplinary group of quantum physics labs across Europe, focusing on Quantum Sensing Technologies.

In those short videos, we explain the goals and achievements of the QuSCo Network.

I edited and animated those video. Based on scientific research he modeled and animated a 3D visualization of quantum systems.

New Film

I’m Not Just A Shadow!

"I’m Not Just A Shadow!" Is a video made as part of an ongoing campaign to destigmatize sex-workers in Berlin.

The video was commissioned by Hydra e.V. and performed by Abi.

Amir Ovadia Steklov filmed and edited the video.

Best Animation - Award

SPLICE Film Fest

I am so so so excited to announce Don't Be a DICK! has won the Best Animation award at SPLICE film festival in NYC.

I would like to thank the awesome team at SPLICE film fest for this recognition. 

A very important step in my career as a film maker.

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