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Hi there שלום,

I am Amir Ovadia Steklov, an Israeli, Filmmaker - Based in Berlin.

I run The Glass Prince Studio.

Read more about me here.

Feel free to explore my portfolio, 

If you have questions or business inquiries please contact me here.

I am excited to hear about your projects and to collaborate with you.

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Latest news

New Film

I’m Not Just A Shadow!

"I’m Not Just A Shadow!" Is a video made as part of an ongoing campaign to destigmatize sex-workers in Berlin.

The video was commissioned by Hydra e.V. and performed by Abi.

Amir Ovadia Steklov filmed and edited the video.

Best Animation - Award

SPLICE Film Fest

I am so so so excited to announce Don't Be a DICK! has won the Best Animation award at SPLICE film festival in NYC.

I would like to thank the awesome team at SPLICE film fest for this recognition. 

A very important step in my career as a film maker.

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'Don't Be a DICK!' was selected to screen at:

Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival

I am especially excited the film is a finalist at HRFF, one of the longest-running and most respected queer film festivals in Hawaii, celebrating its 32nd anniversary in 2021. HRFF is one of the longest-running and most respected queer film festivals in the country, celebrating its 32nd anniversary in 2021

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Official selections at HRFF!

New Film

Jewish Fetish

"Jewish Fetish" is a short funny animation about the border between racism and fetishism of middle eastern Jewish people in Germany.

The film was made during AnimaDoc Workshop in Cinema Transtopia (bi'bak) Berlin 2021. 

Animated by:

Amir O. Steklov & Inhar Sabagh

Guided by:
Akile Nazli Kaya
Tomáš Doruška

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New Film

Jewish Food Porn

"Jewish Food Porn" is a funny and sexy short film on how to bake Jachnun, a traditional breakfast pasty from Jewish Yemeni cuisine.
The film compares the process of making the Jachnun 

to masturbation with superimposed erotic scenes and music videos of masturbation and playing with the oily dough.The film is also making fun of youtube cooking tutorials and food-porn influencers. 

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New Film

The New Jews

"The New Jews" is a full length documentary film about post-Zionist jewishness, antisemitism and fetishism.

The film is in advanced post-production stages and will be released in spring-summer 2021

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