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More of the things I do
(commercial & non-commercial)

JONZO 02 - Jordan Firstman vs. Gay Men

I am proud to present a new online work I did for Jonzo.

I edited this fun and interesting interview with American comedian and Instagram persona Jordan Firstman

I’m Not Just A Shadow!

"I’m Not Just A Shadow!" Is a video made as part of an ongoing campaign to destigmatize sex-workers in Berlin.

The video was commissioned by Hydra e.V. and performed by Abi.

Amir Ovadia Steklov filmed and edited the video.

Amir in Berlin YouTube channel

"Amir in Berlin" is a hobby project of mine.

I run a YouTube channel about my home town Berlin and upload fun and easy going videos about it.

link to the channel:

That was Berlin (Time Lapse series)

Every month i take a Timelapse of Berlin. I want to show the change in our urban landscape as the COVID-19 pandemic is slowly fading away and the seasons change.

Best Destination
* click: watch on Facebook

"Best Destination" is an ongoing international project about travel destination around the world.

Every week we upload 2 videos of the highest production value from the best travel destinations.

Many of our videos went viral and received an awesome amount of views, comments and shares on social media.

Our social media page is one of the fastest growing travel pages on Facebook.

Owner of Best Destination: Nadav M. New

link to "Best Destination" page:

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